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More than a mere "HD upgrade" of the classic game, Hydro Thunder Hurricane is full-featured sequel fans have been waiting for. With top-notch visuals, brand new over-the-top themed environments and dynamic water-based racing, Hydro Thunder is bigger, better and more awesome than ever...and it's only on XBLA.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane Cheats

Near the beginning is a silver revolving door that appears to be solid. Go through it and you will find a blue boost and a red boost. To get the red boost you have to use a Hydro Jump (hold Brake and use Boost).
In NY Disaster, when you are racing through the left side of the subway tunnel with the Rescue boat cutting you off and bumping into you, instead of jumping for the nine second red boost in the center to the right, bash into the Rescue boat. Your boost level will remain where it was for the remainder of the race.

Hint: Recommended boats

Unlock Xbox 360
The following is a list of the best boats to use on the easy and medium tracks.

Hint: Far East: Shortcut

Unlock Xbox 360
When you are about half way through the level you will reach a place where the water will drop three times. Just when your on the third one, immediately do your booster jump when you get on the edge. When your boat jumps in the air, hold Boost. If done correctly, you should land on top of a place above the tunnel ahead. This will make it much faster than having to go in a big "L". Note: This requires some practice.

Hint: Far East: Boost

Unlock Xbox 360
When you pass the first dragon shortly before the finish line, make sure you have some boost remaining for the little island holding the second dragon. If you boost/jump through the lanterns on the island, you will get extra boost. You can get an eight second boost if you hit both lanterns precisely.

Hint: Lake Powell: Shortcut

Unlock Xbox 360
Near the end of the level there are two gaps and a cement ramp-like wall separating them. Use your booster and go up the ramp. You should land on the train tracks and get a 9 second boost.

Hint: Lost Island: Shortcut

Unlock Xbox 360
Go through the waterfall at the beginning of the level. You will get a red and blue boost, fall out a small fall, and immediately find a small village. At the end of the village, before the slight turn, go towards the left side. You will find a cave. Go through it and get the red boost, then a blue. You will exit the cave and be above the track. You will get another blue boost and a final red boost.

Boosted jump

Unlock Xbox 360
Collect boost power-ups, then hold L and press A to jump without a ramp.

Full pause screen

Unlock Xbox 360
Pause game play and press X + Y to remove the text from the screen.

Bonus tracks and boats

Unlock Xbox 360
Successfully complete all medium difficulty tracks in first place to unlock the Nile Adventure bonus track. Successfully complete this track in first place to unlock the next bonus track. A total of four bonus tracks can be unlocked by finishing in first place. All four bonus boats (Fishing Boat, Armed Response, Blowfish, and Tinytanic) will be available after all four bonus tracks are unlocked.
Near the beginning of the level are some houses. There is a house where you can only see the roof. Jump off the roof and you should jump up about three or four places ahead.
When you reach the area with the big oil tanker and penguins, jump over into a secret area with a red boost.
At beginning of the race there are two columns. Go between them and you will get a 9 second boost.

Tinytanic boat

Unlock Xbox 360
The Tinytanic boat can be unlocked by completing the Catacomb level. All bonus boats are unlocked by getting first place in each bonus track.

No timer

Unlock Xbox 360
Press X + Y + B + Start at the main menu.

All Boats And Tracks

Unlock Xbox 360
Finish in third place on any easy difficulty track and enter "?DL" as a name. Note: Enter "?PB" as a name in the European version of the game.
Successfully complete all medium difficulty tracks in first or second place.

Fishing Boat

Unlock Xbox 360
Enable all hidden tracks. Highlight the Thresher at the boat selection screen. Then, hold L Trigger + R Trigger and press Y, Y. Select the Chumdinger to race in a fishing boat.
Successfully complete all three easy difficulty tracks in first, second, or third place.

Quick Start

Unlock Xbox 360
Hold L Trigger before the race begins. When the number "3" appears release L Trigger and hold R Trigger. When the number "2" appears, release R Trigger and hold L Trigger again. When the number "1" appears, release L Trigger and hold R Trigger. This should result in a start with a four second boost. Adjust your timing to when the numbers begin fading before switching buttons if you do not get the boosted start. Note: This trick assumes the game is under the default controller setting.
After the gigantic fall after the tunnel there will be sharks in the water and a waterfall on the right if take the shortcut there will be 1 red boost and 1 blue boost and you can use boost to boost into 6th or 5th depending on where you were before the waterfall.

Shortcut For Artic Circle

Unlock Xbox 360
When you see the penguins drive in to them.Then you will see a red ramp going in to a ship dirve on to it and then you are in the shourtcut for artic circle.

Super Start

Unlock Xbox 360
Press and hold the A button right after the announcer says "one!" (but before he says "go") and you'll get a "."
Near the beginning of Lost Island you will see a waterfall. You can go through it and it will take you through a small tunnel where you can grab a blue boost and a red boost as well as get way ahead of the other boats in the race. Later on in the course you will see another waterfall. You can't go through this one but you can go up it. At the top of the waterfall you will find a small passage with a red boost at the end. WARNING unless you are way way ahead of the other boats I would not go up this waterfall without a boost tank that is at least half full because it takes a fair amount of time and it isn't a shortcut, in fact you lose time but if you have a boost tank that is at least half full the red boost should fill your tank and you can boost for just about the rest of the race if you hit all the other remaining boosts which will more than make up for the time lost going up the waterfall.

Cheat Mode

Unlock Xbox 360
Highlight the "Memory Card" option and press R1, R2, Circle, R2, R1. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Far East Shortcut

Unlock Xbox 360
After the Blue Boost that's hanging out in the air, you'll hit a bunch of small waterfalls followed by a Tunnel. If you jump on top of the Tunnel, you'll cut you're time in half for that section.

Boost Jump

Unlock Xbox 360
After picking up some boost power ups, you can do a special jump without the help of a ramp! If you hold the L Trigger (brake) and then press A, you will be boosted into the air.

Venice Canals Shortcut

Unlock Xbox 360
When you get to the part with the three hard turns in a row (left, right, left) you can skip all of this by jumping over the island in between them both. This comes shortly after the part with the docks.