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Hybrid is a downloadable multiplayer online third-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world amidst a war between two factions: the Paladin and the Variant.  The two factions are in a never-ending war for a rare material called dark matter.

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We’ve seen bits and pieces of 5th Cell’s Hybrid over the last few game shows, talking with the producers about what would make them stray from Scribblenauts territory to give competitive shooting a try.  But upon looking at the final product, you can’t help but enjoy some of the innovations that the team has put into the Xbox Live Arcade effort.  Yeah, there’s limited movement, and the servers aren’t exactly the greatest in the world when it comes to the game’s launch window.  But still, for those of you seeking something a little bit “different” in your online fragging affairs, well, here you go. Though the plot isn’t really something worth writing home about in terms of originality, it does set the pace for... Read Review

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