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Warren Spector: 3DS "floored me" and "changed my life"

Have you heard of this guy called Warren Spector? He only created Deus Ex, widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time, and he says that the 3DS has changed his life. Why? Read on to see Spector's comments, which are above and beyond excited. He thinks the 3DS is simply a revolution like gaming has never seen before. Read More


Nintendo's First-Quarter 2010 Lineup Revealed

Today, Nintendo issued a press release which reveals their lineup for the first quarter of 2010, which includes Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, whose box art can be seen above, as well as new pink and blue Wii Remote/MotionPlus packages on February 14th. "Along with the current White and Black versions of the controller, now every player in four-player matches can have his or her own color." Of course, the lineup isn't limited to first-party offerings, though many of the "dates" posted are rather vague, including "March," "Spring," "Q1," and in the case of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, "late January." Hit the jump for the full press release. Read More


Itagaki Talks Logistics of Wii DOA and Ninja Gaiden

Fabulous secrets were revealed to Cubed³'s Adam Riley when Tomonobu Itagaki held aloft his Dragon Sword and said, "By the Power of Team Ninja! You killed my father, and for this, I will have revenge!" Ok, maybe it didn't quite go down that way, but what was said may still be interesting to fans of the DOA and Ninja Gaiden franchises, as Itagaki speculated about what games for Nintendo's blockbuster console may be like. With a noted lack of fighting games on not only the Wii, but the DS as well, Itagaki is asked if he feels whether or not there is an untapped market for such a title, ripe for the taking, or if perhaps Nintendo's systems are better suited for more volleyball. He says "That's not really how I go about approaching things. Wii games should be designed to match the strengths of the Wii, right? Every game that I make includes two very important concepts: interactivity and speediness." Read More


Fight Night 2004

It’s not very often that a game can start off with a bang and maintain its vitality once it becomes a series. The list of... Read More