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Hotel Giant 2 features 26 locations from around the world including Paris, Los Angeles, Munich, Rome and Phuket for aspiring Donald Trumps to dominate the hotel market. The key to success is careful observation of your guests

Hotel Giant 2 Review

And yet another Tycoon game hits the market. This time, it's all about successfully managing a hotel that caters to a wealthy class of clientele. Service with a smile, for everyone who has the bucks. Hotel Giant 2 is the sequel to Hotel Giant, which was released several years ago. I never played the original, but the premise of Hotel Giant 2 is basically the same as in most simulation Tycoon games. Players are given a series of goals to meet in a campaign mode, or they can play in a free-style sandbox mode.  Upon starting the game, players have a choice of playing a tutorial, jumping directly into the campaigns, or trying their hand at designing the hotel of their dreams in the sandbox mode. I would strongly suggest running through the tutorial first, before beginning the... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Hotel Giant 2.