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Homeworld for PC


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Homeworld still maintains all of the standards of a strategy game - from harvesting resources and exploring a huge environment to researching new technologies and building dozens of vessels. However, Homeworld takes space strategy in an exciting new direction by bringing the action into a 3D world. By placing Homeworld in the boundless environment of deep space, the only frontier to limit game strategy is your imagination. Unlike strategy games that take place in two dimensions, there are no "choke points" in Homeworld where troops pile up waiting to move from one side of the map to the other. Instead, your enemy may attack from any direction. You will manage all aspects of your Armada, even down to the color scheme for the fleet and deciding when your ships need to dock for refueling. Homeworld is about giving gamers choices. Invent your own strategies for Homeworld as you guide your Armada through its perilous journey home, or play against up to eight people through a LAN or, Sierra Studios' free Internet gaming service.

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Gearbox Software acquire Homeworld

Announced on their website today, Gearbox Software has acquired the Homeworld franchise from THQ, as they were the...

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