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Microsoft Apologizes to Fort Gay Resident

Microsoft Apologizes to Fort Gay Resident

Xbox Live, Microsoft's online gaming and money grubbing service, has been notorious in recent years for cracking down on any user who actively proclaims his or her sexual orientation, for any purpose. This includes, of course, any use of the word "gay," apparently even if it's simply the name of the town in which a user lives. That's what one Xbox Live user, Josh Moore of Fort Gay, WV, found out when he included the name of his hometown as part of his Xbox Live profile. Microsoft officials suspended him from using Xbox Live and threatened to ban his account entirely, with no refund for the two years of service he had paid for in advance, if he didn't take the word "gay" out of his profile. Obviously, this was no mere miscommunication, though at least an Xbox Live official has, for once, admitted the company's mistake. Hit the jump to read what they've said. Read More

kombo Sep 8, 2010 | Comments
Microsoft Brings Five-Ton Truck to Town to Promote Halo 3: ODST

Microsoft Brings Five-Ton Truck to Town to Promote Halo 3: ODST

Kombo reader Davis Freeberg has shared with us an experience brought to his hometown of Antioch, as relayed by Antioch Grove, when Microsoft, Bungie, and GameStop rolled a five-ton truck into their town as part of a city-by-city tour to promote the upcoming Xbox 360 title, Halo 3 ODST. While these types of events can be a lot of fun, there is also the risk that making your best customers wait in line can backfire, but everyone we spoke with at the event had nothing but good things to say about the game and the experience. Several people in line mentioned that they were going through for their 2nd or 3rd spin and that it was totally worth taking the time off to play the game in this way. Others were excited that Halo 3 ODST had lived up to their high expectations and that soon they'd be playing it in their living room. Even the Antioch Dads who clearly weren't video gamers seemed excited by the opportunity to bond with their kids. For more pictures from the event, as well as an amusing anecdote about Microsoft's uphill battle to refit the massive truck, check out the whole story at the Antioch Grove website. Halo 3: ODST will be available on September 22nd. Read More

kombo Aug 28, 2009 | Comments
Can Steve Wiebe Reclaim His Title of "King of Kong?"  Find Out at E3!

Can Steve Wiebe Reclaim His Title of "King of Kong?" Find Out at E3!

You've seen The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, right? Well, if you haven't, go check it out. it's worth seeing, and we'll wait for you. ... ...done? Okay, so then you know the tale of Steve Wiebe, who was the first person to score over a million points in the original Nintendo arcade classic Donkey Kong. And then he was subsequently beaten by the former record-holder, Billy Mitchell. Wiebe has made several attempts since to reclaim his throne, but has still come up short in his quest. But now, he's ready to make another attempt on the grandest stage of them all -- no, not WrestleMania -- E3! G4 is going to play host to the event, and broadcast it live on television for all to see. Will Wiebe do it? June 2nd is when we'll find out. In the meantime, Nintendo, please consider the opportunity this presents to release the very same arcade version of the title that will be used on Virtual Console Arcade. Please? Keep reading for the full press release. Read More

kombo Apr 2, 2009 | Comments