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Highland Warriors for PC

Highland Warriors


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Highland Warriors brings players to the center of the great feuds between the Scottish clans and England from the beginning of Scotland (843) to the battlefields of William Wallace in the 14th century. Relive fierce and bloody clan wars between the Highlanders, the English, the Mystique and the Merchants clans in over 100 epic battles. Create the intrigue and taste the ferocious need for freedom and conquest of that time. Experience war as never before through a new innovative 3D game engine that can show up to 200,000 polygons simultaneously for highly realistic units, landscapes and animals without a loss of game performance. Highland Warriors players control one of four nations including the Highlanders, the English, the Mystique and the Merchants clans, in over 30 single player missions. Players can create an infinite number of multi-player missions and stage epic battles using the game