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TGS 09: Sony Reveals PS3 Motion-Control Launch Titles

We know Sega and Take-Two are already working on motion-control titles for the PS3, Capcom just revealed the motion-enabled RE:5 Alternative Edition, and we've seen plenty of tech demos from Sony's R&D department. So what first party titles can we expect from Sony once spring 2010 rolls around? Quite a few, actually. At TGS, Sony announced that SCE Worldwide Studios is working on Echochrome 2, Eccentric Slider, Sing and Draw, Champions of Time, Motion Party, The Shoot, Tower, and a new Ape Escape, all utilizing the new controller. What's more, Sony is working on motion-control software updates for current titles including PAIN, Flower, Hustle Kings, High Velocity Bowling, and the EyePet. I can't really get excited about a game called "Sing and Draw", but a new Ape Escape sounds great. Hopefully the new control scheme will give the series a much-needed overhaul. Any guesses on what the other new titles might be about? Read More


The Top 10 Downloaded PSN Titles of 2008

The top 10 most downloaded titles on PSN were revealed on the latest episode of Pulse and as you can see... they're a little strange. PAIN tops the list, but considering it has been given away with several different PlayStation 3 configurations, it's doesn't seem too out of place. What is out of place are titles like High Velocity Bowling which holds the #2 spot and Aquatopia. Should Aquatopia even be considered a game? It is nice to see titles like PixelJunk Monsters, Warhawk, and Super Stardust HD on there but it really makes me wonder if the 2009 list will make an absolute mockery out of this one. Read More


Sony Discontinuing Old SIXAXIS Controller, Releases List of PS3 Games that Support the DualShock 3

With the DualShock 3 finally hitting North American shelves next week, Sony has announced via MTV Multiplayer that it will be discontinuing the SIXAXIS controller. A company spokesperson told the blog that the old PS3 controller will be long gone by this summer. Sony has also released a list of all PlayStation 3 software that will support rumble when using the DualShock 3, as seen after the jump. Read More


Rumor: Patent for In-Game Soundtracks Owned By Microsoft

For Xbox 360 owners, one of the most interesting features available to them is the ability to listen to their own selection of music right within the game they are playing. This can be done by selecting audio files from the Xbox 360 hard drive, a connected USB drive or files streamed over from a local PC. This feature is one that is sorely lacking from Microsoft's direct competing system the PlayStation 3. While not having this feature built right into the console, the ability to listen to your own custom soundtracks on the PlayStation 3 can be found within certain select titles, such as Super Stardust HD and High Velocity Bowling. This shows that developers are interested in this feature, but PS3 users are still a long way from having this ability available to them in all titles. Many are hoping that once Sony finally unleashes the ability to access the PlayStation 3's cross media bar inside of their games, they will finally be able to listen to their own music in-game. Sadly however this feature just may forever be a Microsoft exclusive thanks to a patent filed some time ago. Read More