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Hexyz Force News

PSP is Dead Hexyz in May

PSP is Dead Hexyz in May

The PSP has long-been a haven for super-hardcore and obscure Japanese RPGs, and Atlus looks to continue the trend. The company has announced the North American release of Hexyz Force, developed by Sting, who previously created such acclaimed titles as Riviera: The Promised Land and Yggdra Union. The game is a traditional turn-based RPG featuring two separate campaigns, as you can play as either a cleric named Cecilia or a knight named Lavant as they do typical Japanese RPG things like battle monsters, find out the truth of their world, etc. The game does have a few things going for it, as it features impressive 3D visuals and over 20 minutes of anime cutscenes. The game is set for release on UMD and as a download from PSN on May 25. Read More

kombo Jan 8, 2010 | Comments