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Heroes Over Europe - Feature

Heroes Over Europe

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Found In Translation: The State of Import Gaming

A long, long time ago, on an archipelago far, far away, console gaming was revived from the brink of obsolescence. The time was the early 1980s, and the place was Japan. After Atari crashed the console market via over-saturation in the US, Nintendo managed to reinvigorate it in its home country of Japan, in the US, and around the world. With this gaming renaissance coming from a foreign country, a new issue arose; an issue that is still relevant to this day to a small, but growing, number of gamers: game importing. Games are imported for a variety of reasons: wider selection of titles (as many games simply do not make the trip overseas for economic reasons), special freebies or collectibles included in copies of foreign releases, original language tracks, and early releases of titles (many games release in the market they are developed in first, with other regions following later). Even cost can sometimes be a factor, with some games selling cheaply in certain regions and more expensive in other regions around the world. Read More


Deadly Premonition Headed To Europe

  To say that Deadly Premonition split opinions is something of an understatement. Scores on MetaCritic run the gamut from 100 (Destructoid) to 20 (IGN). Kombo's own Eric Frederiksen described it as a game which "begs to be loved despite itself" and being "more than worth the budget price", scoring it a generous 7 out of 10. Amazingly, publisher Rising Star Games are using these mixed reviews as a reason to bring the game across the pond to Europe. Find out more after the jump. Read More


New Super Mario Bros. Wii's Official Line for "Demo Play," Plus Princess Peach Info

From the discovery of the "kind code" patent to Miyamoto's revelation that New Super Mario Bros. Wii would be the first game to make use of the new player-assist feature, "Demo Play" has been nothing less than a hotbed of controversy among players. And now, a little more fuel has been added to the fire, thanks to Nintendo of Europe. Siliconera discovered that Nintendo of Europe has posted a new product page for the game in question, and have delivered the following excerpt, in which the feature is addressed. Check it out after the cut. Read More


Heroes Over Europe

Kombo's Review Policy: Our reviews are written for you. Our goal is to write honest, to-the-point reviews that don't waste your... Read More