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Ys Seven Review

Ys Seven Review

The Ys role-playing game series is one of Japan's longest running and most popular RPGs that started on the PC back in 1987. It obviously doesn't release installments as quickly as other famous JRPG series, such as Final Fantasy, but also unlike FF, every Ys game centers on the same character, the red-headed Adol Christin. Despite its popularity in Japan, the game is unfortunately not as well known across the Pacific except among hardcore JRPG fans. Case in point, this game released in Japan last Fall and released here at the end of August.Ys Seven, the aptly named seventh game in the series, could similarly fall by the wayside outside of niche gamers, but this one really shouldn't. It's way too much fun to brush off, even for a PSP game, and it's one that non-JRPG fans will enjoy as well. Read More

kombo Sep 20, 2010 | Comments
1C Announces Men of War

1C Announces Men of War

1C ANNOUNCES MEN OF WAR Third game in the exciting trilogy comes to the US Leading Eastern and Central European publisher 1C Company today announced Read More

jkdmedia Sep 27, 2011 | Comments