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Hell Yeah! is a crazy action-adventure platformer. You are Ash, a devil rabbit and the prince of Hell. When some jerk finds it funny to post your secret intimate photos all over the Hell-ternet, you get very angry. Time to seek out the bastard and destroy him once and for all. While you’re at it, why not use this incredible journey to kill everybody else? It’s you against all Hell. It’s Hell Yeah!

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Review

With Sega focusing a lot lately on revitalizing titles from their classic library, it's nice to see that they're cranking out some original stuff as well, such as Hell Yeah!  Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.  This game, the first fully budgeted outing from the indie developers at Arkedo Studios, literally goes off the deep end as you play an undead royalty-laden rabbit unleashing havoc on those who would dare embarrass him.  One minute you're ripping through bubble gum-colored walls and smushing enemies like a zit; the next, you're in a Super Mario-ish universe where everything's a little too J-pop powered, forcing you to do what you do best in terms of dealing destruction. It's off-beat, to say the least, but with Arkedo at the wheel, it's the... Read Review

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