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Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer is a tasty melding of different genres, with one foot in the real world in terms of environmental familiarity, and the other foot firmly entrenched in the surreal. The game, from Quantic Dreams and SCEA, is a blend of discovery for the four central characters, but also one that embraces the word ‘immersive’ in a manner that tries to go beyond the... Read Review

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Heavy Rain's DLC Put On 'Indefinite Hold'

Heavy Rain's DLC has been put on "indefinite hold" according to the game's developer, Quantic Dream. Speaking to Game Informer at E3, Quantic Dream said that Sony had encouraged the development studio to concentrate its effort on implementing Move controls into the original game now that Move has a definite release date. Read More


Heavy Rain Snapped up by Hollywood

Unique Features, a film studio started by former New Line executives Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, is close to acquiring the film rights to Heavy Rain. The move shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone in the gaming industry, and it's obvious that with a strong plot and serious theme, Heavy Rain could be a strong film. But will it entice gamers? And will it be able to differentiate itself from other thrillers being produced by Hollywood? Read on for commentary and analysis of this breaking news. Read More


Heavy Rain DLC Coming April 1st

Developers are constantly looking for a way to assure pre-orders of their game. With the release of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream gave consumers who pre-ordered Chapter 1 of the prequel, entitled The Taxidermist . Today, via the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that they will be releasing The Taxidermist for download via the PlayStation Network on Thursday, April 1st for $4.99. Can Sony entice consumers into buying? Get our thoughts after the break. Read More


Molyneux: Heavy Rain is "The Way Forward"

Admiration from one's peers always feels good. It must be especially nice for developer Quantic Dream to hear a competitor fawn so sloppily over their game, Heavy Rain. Peter Molyneux -- the man most recently responsible for the Fable series of games on the Xbox 360 -- said several nice things about Heavy Rain to Wired writer Frank Rose. According to Joystiq, Molyneux said about Quantic Dream's big hit, "I recommend anyone who wants to start to see the first glimpses of the future of video games to go out and buy it." Read More


Get the Heavy Rain Demo Now

Sony launched this week an Alternate Reality Game that can get winners early access to the Heavy Rain demo, and guides are already up for it. The site called "Project 52" asks players to submit four pieces of evidence. If correct, they receive a code to download the Heavy Rain demo from the European Playstation Store a week early. Actually reaching Project 52 might be difficult for now however. The revelation of the ARG across the web however has lead to some serious overload for its servers. Those who actually want to play the game for themselves will want to skip over the next paragraph. Read More


ESRB Details Unveil many of Heavy Rain's Surprises

Heavy Rain is rated M for Mature, no big surprises there. However, the reason as to why the game earned this rating is full of them. The ESRB's highly detailed game description contains a number of Heavy Rain's surprises and will certainly spoil the game for some. Hit the cut to read the detailed description, but be aware, what is about to follow is riddled with spoilers. Read More


Release Date is the First Clue in Heavy Rain

Spoiler alert: the first part of solving the mystery of the Origami Killer in Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain has been solved - the release date. PlayStation 3 owners can expect to unravel the film noir thriller on Tuesday, Feb. 23. The highly-anticipated murder mystery will allow players to experience the stories of four different characters as they try to discover the identity of the Origami Killer. European gamers who pre-order the title will receive the first downloadable content, titled Heavy Rain: Chronicle One - The Taxidermist, for free. Everyone else will need to pay $4.99 for the DLC. Read More