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Haunt is a horror game based around Kinect. This first-person perspective horror game uses a cartoony art style and a fun, spooky atmosphere to draw players into the story of a haunted mansion. Players will use a flashlight to point at objects as they explore this mysterious abode.

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When it comes to Xbox Live Arcade, the support for the Kinect is a little dense at the moment.  Granted, the market did just pick up like last year, and only one game – Fruit Ninja Kinect – has really stepped up as a must-have.  But give credit where credit is due, developers are trying to come up with innovative stuff that’s worth owning.  And with that, we present a game that fits in that category – Haunt. Now, the game is poorly advertised – the title card and description don’t really give you too much of an idea what to expect – and there aren’t too many reviews making the rounds at the moment.  But those of you with younger gamers who love their Scooby-Doo reruns, or simply seeking out something... Read Review

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    Haunt Review

    Robert Workman Jan 31, 2012