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Farming simulation and adventure game. Choose to play as a girl or a boy and start life in a farming village with the goal of becoming an expert farm manager. Taking over your own farm, you raise plants and animals, catch lots of fish, build up your farm, and see your character grow into adulthood. The game features cows, horses and sheep, among other animals, but this time around, if you don't have a gate around their grazing area, they may get out from your farm area and, when night comes, get attacked by wild dogs. You also have added freedom with your planting, as you can now raise plants outside your own farm area. Once again, interacting with town folk and falling in love are major points of the game. Your choice of love interests changes depending on your choice of boy or girl at the start of the game.

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - GC Cheats

To get better milk, do not put the fodder in the bin; feed it directly to them. Make sure that you milk your cows after you talk, and brush them, for a higher chance of special milk. Also, let them graze in the fields as often as possible. KWoodburning.

Hint: Smoke

If you are in the cave by Jamie's ranch, when you hit the rocks and crystal things smoke comes out of them. The yellow smoke makes you move faster. The orange smoke freezes you. Black smoke gets in your eyes so that the area of light aroundy ou gets smaller. Purple smoke confuses you (you may move in the opposite direction). Pink smoke makes your stamina go up. White smoke disables the effect of the other types of smoke.
Become good friends with Theodore (three or more hearts) and go to Woody. He will allow you to buy land that future stores will be built upon. Buy it and the store owners can never open up a store. Note: You cannot sell the land once you buy it.
When you attend the Flame Festival and get the Flame note, go to the "Notes" menu. When you scroll over to the note, it will read "Obtained while at the Firefly Festival". Kolulu.
As you slowly collect Magical Notes over time, the Harvest Goddess Spring will become more vibrant (more animals, flowers, lights etc.). Each time you collect 5 notes you will get a new musical instrument or other reward. When you collect 50 notes, all these instruments will come together and make music that wakes the Harvest Goddess. Jess w.
When you go in a cave, hold Z at all times when you are running on top of the holes in the floor. This will decrease the chance of being sent up and also will take you a floor lower than it normally would. For example, if you are on floor 84 and you step on a hole without holding Z, you may go to floor 90. However, if you hold Z, the same hole would take you to floor 91. DDLoreal1.
Power berries are received in the following ways. RiRi.
The following people will be absent at one time or another: Tim, Gwen, Katie, Carl, Basil, and Kolulu. Kolulu.
Ship ores (rare if possible) until the blacksmith shows up. The hours of operation are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.. It is closed Wednesdays and holidays. It is occupied by Tai, Tim, and Bob . You can craft jewelry and upgrade tools here. RiRi.

Hint: Library

It opens in mid-spring of Year 1. The hours of operation 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is closed Mondays and holidays. It is occupied by Maria. The library has various books for you to read and research. Maria is a possible spouse. RiRi.
Eat the Pontata Roots that you find while digging in the Moonlight Mine to keep your energy up. RiRi.
To unlock the Sanitarium, you must ship 30 herbs total and have Alex at one heart. It is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., but is closed on holidays. Its inhabitants are Gina and Dia. The sanitorium sells nothing, but is needed for two of the potential brides to move into town. You can visit it to woo Gina, and Dia is very seldom found outside its walls. RiRi.

Hint: Kiss

When you have about ten hearts and there is a festival where you go with a date, you will go to a place where lovers chat. You will talk, then you will kiss the man or woman of your dreams. Kolulu.
To get the Blue Feather (proposal item), you must have at least 30 Musical Notes, get a level 3 home from Woody, and get a double bed from Woody. You will get it from Mayor Theodore, and will be able to marry the man or woman of your dreams. Kolulu.
Make Toadstool Saute (Butter + Toadstool + Frying Pan) and eat it. It will fully restore your stamina. Jonathan Hickey.
Make sure the only thing you have in your rucksack is a hammer. Go to Moonlight Cave (near the doctor's office). You will notice a hole in the ground somewhere. Go to it, and a message will appear asking if you would like to go in. Select "Yes". You will be at sub-level 2. You should see some bluish crystals and some black stones. Hit all of the crystals with X. If you find some gold, keep it. If you find some rare ore or stones, keep them. Fill your rucksack, then go to the stairs and exit the cave. Put all your finds into the Shipping Box. This trick works better with Lake Cave and if you only take rare ores and stones from there. Note: You will get low on energy and must find a way to restore it.

Hint: Meryl

Become friends with Ronald to have her appear in town.

Hint: Nami

Attend the Swimming/Ocean Festival on Summer 3 to have her appear in town.

Hint: Ronald

Plant one fruit tree to have him appear in town.

Hint: Saibara

Ship one good clay to have her appear in town.
Ship one copper, silver, and gold ore from the mine to have them appear in town.
Attend the Spring Horse Race on Spring 17 to have them appear in town.

Hint: Henry

Plant three fruit trees to have him appear in town.

Hint: Louis

Attend the Fireworks Festival on Summer 24 to have him appear in town.

Hint: Lyla

Place a flower in the blue shipping bin in the square on Spring 22. Then, attend the Flower Festival the next day to have her appear in town.

Hint: Maria

Go to a festival to have her appear in town.
Become friends (at least one heart) with Joe, Kurt, or Woody.
Get Kurt, Woody, or Joe at five hearts or higher.
Become friends (at least one heart) with the Mayor.
Ship 30 herbs to have Dia and Gina appear in town.
Purchase an egg from Blue Sky Ranch for 120G instead of buying a chicken for 1200G. Just wait for the egg to hatch and the chick to grow. RiRi.
Talk to Ray to get a new fishing pole. Tomeandb.
Ship 30 Cabbages.
Become friends (at least two hearts) with Martha and bring her wool.
You will get a note for the following events. RiRi and Jess w.

Hint: Rewards

Collect the indicated number of notes to unlock the corresponding reward. Jess w.

Hint: Shops

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding shops.
Become friends with Saibara (2 or 3 hearts) and he will ask you to go talk to the mayor. The mayor then teaches you how to make Potato Gratin. After that, go back to Saibara's house and he will give you the Aging Pot, which is used to make sodas. JD.
Go into your house and set your character against a wall. Keep the Analog-stick held so that your character walks against that wall. If you are facing the top wall, set up the Analog-stick so that it stays in the up position. This will take some time, but you can get rid of the pedometer at the beginning of the game. Piron.
Go into your house and press R(50). It does not matter if your animal is near you or not. Piron.
Go to your journal and save the game. Do not exit the save menu; just keep choosing "Yes" to save repeatedly. Piron.
Go to your shipping box and get a nearby log. Put the log in the shipping box and you will get a note. JokingJames2.