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HarmoKnight is an unbelievably charming rhythm-based action game with striking visuals and simple, yet challenging, game play. In the game, players must pound drums, jump over obstacles and battle enemies, all to the beat of an original musical score.

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Those familiar with Game Freak Inc. will undoubtedly associate their name with the Pokémon franchise. It is, after all, one of the first things you see whenever a Pokémon game is booted up. With that kind of pedigree, a game not based on the Pokémon franchise, or even the same genre, can go one of two ways. Their familiarity with Pokémon could make their development of a different IP stunted, never having branched out to anything else. On the other hand, given the high amount of polish and dedication to the Pokémon series, their next endeavor could match that same level of polish and fun. Luckily, in HarmoKnight's case, it's the latter. HarmoKnight is yet another entry in the increasingly popular rhythm platformer genre, that has most... Read Review

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