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Hard Truck 2 for PC


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Get behind the wheel in this sequel to the original 3D trucking simulation: Hard Truck. Go head to head with the competition to be the first to deliver your cargo. It's all in a days work when you're driving the big rigs. From small trucks to 18 wheelers, you'll pilot the cabs that keep this country truckin'. Bid on jobs, manage your money, and keep on the right side of the law if you want to succeed in this racket. 12 different trucks including 18 wheel big rigs speed traps with police car chases and helicopter pursuits Force Feedback support Super-realistic 3D graphics When you're not on the job, race other rig-masters in time trials, obstacle courses, and one-on-one track racing. This is no wimpy race car sim! So hop into your cab, fire up your engine, and put the pedal tot he metal! The open road is calling you. special effects like exhaust, tire marks, fog and blinding sun Race the clock as day becomes night right before your eyes. Over 70 miles of continuous roads and secret paths!