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Hand Of Fate Review

Take your basic board game formula, add a sprinkle of deck building elements, mix in some real-time combat options, add a layer of tabletop RPG into the mix, and you'll get Hand of Fate; a game that provides one of the best digital experiences of a card game that I've ever played. From the moment you sit down across the witty yet devious card dealer, you're presented with a board of 12 Boss cards and 4 Upgrade cards. Progression through the story is done by defeating each boss, one by one. However, with each victory the game constantly gets tougher. This is because you're constantly unlocking new cards to add to your deck, whether they're positive equipment cards, or negative monster encounter cards or ambushes. Each subsequent adventure allows your deck to... Read Review

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  • Hand of Fate

    Hand of Fate Review

    Mike Splechta Feb 21, 2015