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Twin stick shooters are, for whatever reason, a staple of all console launches. The Xbox 360 saw Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved win over the hearts of many. Resogun really makes me wish I owned a PlayStation 4. Nano Assault Neo was the Wii U launch game I enjoyed most. The Xbox One has Halo: Spartan Assault. It doesn’t compare to any of the games I just mentioned. Instead, it’s... Read Review

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Halo: Reach Review

The uninitiated often ask what sets Halo apart from other games - what exactly is it that's made it so popular over the last decade? Fans will disagree on what to tell them: Is it the "thirty seconds of fun" Bungie themselves often refer to, the half-minute battles that add variety and excitement to each player's experience? Is it the galaxy-spanning story of humanity's desperate struggle against a genocidal alien race that inspires the fanaticism of Halo devotees? Or is it the sheer number of choices presented to players through every facet of each game in the series? Hit the jump for the rest of the review. Read More


Hands-on with Halo: Reach: Firefight

Three comrades and I are holed up at the top of a heavily fortified slope, brows dripping sweat and hands white-knuckled, clutching our weapons (controllers) as if they were our frantically beating hearts themselves. I hear the beat of Covenant war drums in the distance, and several Phantom drop ships enter my field of vision. They spread out in front of me, coming to a hovering stop high off the ground at strategic points throughout the battlefield. From the insectile hulls pour dozens of majestically bestial Elite, their mandibles snapping wildly in anticipation. Our only weapons are sniper rifles. Hit the jump for more dramatic Firefight narrative. Read More


Halo: Reach Beta Extended Until Tomorrow

Halo fans scrambling to get their last few games in before Bungie flips the Reach beta's switch to the off position will be able to stave off that inevitable feeling of emptiness and loss for just one more day. In a somewhat unsurprising move, Bungie has decided to extend the multiplayer beta until 10 AM on Thursday. That's 10 AM- tomorrow! Why would anyone still be reading this? GO! Hit the jump if you need a slight breather in between jet pack assassination sprees, though. Read More


The Lesser Man Respawns in the latest Halo: Reach Multiplayer ViDoc.

The Halo: Reach beta is less than two weeks away, and anticipation is understandably through the roof. Rather than doing the responsible thing and calming everybody down, encouraging people to take advantage of the warming weather and reminding them that they still have jobs or families to think about, Bungie is stoking the flames with a new, positively badass multiplayer trailer. God bless them. Read More


Fable 2 DLC Brings Halo Assault Rifle

The dream of Xbox fans having their own "Mega Microsmash Marines" or somesuch gets one step closer, as two of Microsoft's heavies overlap once again in Fable II. Yesterday brought news of Fable II's Knothole Island DLC, and that it brought with it a bevy of new items and playthings. And one of those playthings is none other than an assault rifle from Halo. Check it out: Read More