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Halo 3 for Xbox 360

The Mission: The Covenant controls Earth

Halo 3


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The Mission: The Covenant controls Earth. The Flood is unleashed and on the loose. With the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance, Master Chief is the only one who can save the human race. The entire epic story arc has led up to this moment. Master Chief, the last of his kind, is a warrior born for combat and bred for war

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Master Chief: Discharged 'Office Bully'

After saving mankind from invading Aliens, Master Chief attempts to transition into the real world. See how he copes with every day life after the war, including his first job as a Sales Representative.

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Microsoft Job Positions Hint at Next Xbox

Development on the next Xbox seems to be underway, according to job postings initially discovered on the Beyond 3D Forum. Interested? The vacant posi

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Gamer Girls Get Revenge

Gamer girls, listen up. It's common knowledge that rowdy dudes on Xbox Live are annoying. Everyone has been in a lobby where someone has started thro

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