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I've fallen out of a window before. That's a lie, but for the purpose of this intro, let's just go with it, kind of like how comedians always say “I was at the mall the other day.” Anyway, I've fallen out of a window before, but it's never led to a captivating, puzzling adventure in the world of espionage. Luckily, that's exactly what happens in Gunpoint,... Read Review

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ESRB Details Unveil many of Heavy Rain's Surprises

Heavy Rain is rated M for Mature, no big surprises there. However, the reason as to why the game earned this rating is full of them. The ESRB's highly detailed game description contains a number of Heavy Rain's surprises and will certainly spoil the game for some. Hit the cut to read the detailed description, but be aware, what is about to follow is riddled with spoilers. Read More


Heavy Rain Nude Scene Found

A video on has revealed that the upcoming adventure game Heavy Rain will have full frontal nudity. This could be the second time developer Quantic Dream has run into controversy over sexual content in their games. An already well-known scene in the game has of the main characters – Madison, forced to do a lap dance in a club as part of what seems to be a disguise. In this further exposition shown off-screen, Madison is forced at gunpoint to take her top off, which is done by the player. The scene really doesn't go any further than having Madison stand normally while topless. She briefly re-enters a seductive dance afterwards but is mostly engulfed in shadow before the end of the scene. This could still however bring up some problems with the ESRB considering Quantic Dream's history. Read More


Teen Wanted for Xbox Theft Killed After Pulling Gun on Police

Geeze, what is it with people stealing and dying over Xbox 360s lately? The consoles are supposed to be what dies, not the players. 18-year old Brandon Winn was accused of stealing one such console from the friend of a friend at gunpoint, after arranging the meeting to buy the system for $170. Upon meeting, Winn is said to have pulled a gun and told the owner to "drop it" (now there's a bright idea) or he'd shoot. Denver Police obtained an arrest warrant for Winn on Dec. 1 and sat outside his house in the 2500 block of Kittredge Way the next afternoon. Police say when an Aurora officer showed up as backup, Winn ran from his house and then pointed a gun at officers. That's when an Aurora officer fired at Winn, hitting him in the torso. Authorities rushed Winn to the hospital in critical condition, but he later succumbed to his injuries. Winn's mother, Debra, told our partners at the Denver Post police shot and killed the wrong man. She says police then told her varying stories of what led to her son's death. -- NBC in Colorado Winn would have turned 19 on December 24th. Another second tragic end in as many days. Not to condemn the dead as guilty, but it doesn't sound like he acted as an innocent man would. Read More


Is the PS3 a Bad Enough Dude to Rescue Your Family?

When your family is being held hostage, and you don't know what to do, who you gonna call? PlayStation 3, apparently.A man who robbed a video game store at gunpoint Wednesday told the clerk he was doing it to save his family, the St. John Police Department said. Police said the incident took place around 6:35 p.m., at an EB Games store located in the 9000 block of St. Charles Rock Road, about 14 miles from downtown St. Louis. The suspect went into the store, picked out a video game and approached the counter to check out. He pulled out a small handgun and told the store clerk that his family was being held hostage and that he needed a Playstation 3 in order to have them released. As he left the store, the suspect told the clerk to call the police, because his family needed help. Police arrived shortly thereafter, but the suspect had fled the scene. If you have any information, call the St. John Police Department at 314-427-8700. -- ksdk.comIt sounds like a bad commercial... "Your family is being held hostage... by boredom! Buy PS3 and free them from their shackles!" In all seriousness, if this guy was for real, then I hope his family is ok, even if this probably wasn't the way to go about handling things. If not... then dude, seriously, what the hell? Read More