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A game as original as its narrative, Gungnir's strategy RPG mechanics offer a number of fresh twists on an expertly honed formula. The classic balance of risk and reward, a staple of Sting titles, enriches Gungnir's deep strategic battles and gives the player critical decisions to weigh.

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I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with strategy RPGs. I'm usually  easily hooked in the early stages of the experience, the brightly colored anime-style heroes and simple grid-based combat making for a rather satisfying experience. It's only when the game begins to introduce the more complex systems; tasking me with the management of dozens of characters; that I start to become overwhelmed. This is why I just wasn't able to get into Gungnir, a game which right off the bat buries the player in waves of complexity. Though I've enjoyed previous installments of Sting's "Dept. Heaven" series (Riviera was pretty great), this particular entry seems to be crafted for hardcore SRPG buffs, a clan to which I cannot claim membership. If... Read Review

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    Vito Gesualdi Aug 2, 2012