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Guitar Hero Metallica - Feature

Guitar Hero Metallica

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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Preview

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is – more than just about any entry in the series – about the setlist. When I spoke with Neversoft producer Randy Guilotte last week, he came back to that setlist again and again. Everything seems to revolve around getting that intangible Guitar Hero “feel” right. The setlist, Guilotte says, is key to that. The guys at Neversoft spent a lot of time trying to get back to the guitar-driven music the series was so well-known for before other instruments butted in. Bands like DragonForce, Blue Öyster Cult, Def Leppard, and Megadeth all reaffirm that. Some of the cherries-on-top include a never-released Soundgarden track and the entirety of Rush’s epic 2112. Read More


Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Setlist Revealed

  Ready to rock? Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock certainly is. Activision released the full list of tracks available on the disc today. Featuring "more than" 90 tracks (93, fact fans), the game is, as many people have said, a return to form for the series. "We engaged our fans to find out what they really wanted and then hand-picked over 90 tracks that deliver the ultimate rock experience," said Tim Riley, Vice President of Music Affairs for Guitar Hero and holder of the Longest Job Title in the World. "From the new guitar controller to the gameplay to the on-disc set list, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is truly a return to rock." Full details of the setlist after the jump. Read More


Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Track List Revealed

In an official announcement, Activision has continued the flow of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock-related news. The title will contain over 90 tracks that will bring players back to the roots of the franchise. But do players necessarily want to go back? Furthermore, does Warriors of Rock really bring anything new and meaningful to the genre? Hit the jump for the partial track list and more. Read More


EA Plans More Aggressive Marketing for Dragon Age & Brütal Legend, Teams Latter with Dethklok & Mast

Last year, Electronic Arts brought to the table two very strong contenders for the holiday sales rush of video games, Dead Space and Mirror's Edge. However, neither performed to the expectations held by the company for fiscal '09. At their fiscal first-quarter conference, EA noted that the two titles didn't do as well because they "managed to put these [games] right on top of some very strong competitive launches." Furthermore, they were reportedly "less than pleased" with the marketing execution. And that's one amateur-hour mistake which they vow will not be repeated. Read More