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Andrew Lloyd Weber is Downloadable - But Will Music Licensing Drive Away Casual Players

  Amateur Broadway divas can rejoice, Andrew Lloyd Weber’s showtunes are heading to Lips in the form of downloadable content for Xbox Live Arcade. Andrew Lloyd Weber, of course, is the man behind such stage shows as Cats! and The Phantom of the Opera. “With the video gaming sector having evolved from its male-dominated roots towards a more family-oriented demographic,” said Douglas Glen, Head of Digital for The Really Useful Group, “we’re very pleased to partner with Microsoft in releasing some of the best-known brands in musical entertainment to their global Lips audience.”   It is possible that this news won’t mean a lot to most of you, but it is indicative of how these casual games are going. “Casual games” not necessarily meaning games which are casual, but games that are played by a casual audience. Games like Read More


Activision Says They Treat Developers "Extremely Well"

In an interview with the L.A. Times that was posted on Saturday, Thomas Tippl, Activision's Chief Financial Officer commented on the West and Zampella lawsuit as well as the future of the Call of Duty franchise. Tippl went on the offensive, aiming to placate fears that Activision is losing control of Infinity Ward and to fight the widespread belief that Activision mistreats its developers. In addition, Tippl spouted on the great number of Call of Duty games coming from Activision, which only serves to reiterate that Activision is out of touch with the industry, developers, and gamers. Over-saturation and the resulting mediocrity will cripple the franchise and the publisher. Read More


iD CEO: "Show Me What Makes Such a Compelling Case for the Wii"

It's no secret that iD CEO Todd Hollenshead (who looks like he could be a dead ringer for a young Kurt Russell from this angle) doesn't exactly have a soft spot for developing titles for the Wii. He's not entirely against the idea, but no one has yet made a solid case for it to him. The reason being, in his eyes, is quite simply that the Wii is Nintendo, and then everyone else. And among the latter, you have your licensed properties, then everything else, which is what companies lose money on. Read More


E3 2008: Sony Media Briefing Liveblog

The third and final conference of the big three is Sony's, and it starts at 11:30 AM on Tuesday. We're liveblogging the press conference, bringing you the latest text updates and photos from the media briefing. Our liveblog kicks off at the same time as the press conference, so keep an eye below to see what happens at Sony's show. Read More