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If there was one detail confusing me about GRID 2's existence, it was the fact that I wasn't sure whether Codemasters wanted to create a simulator experience based on real-world car physics, or if they were shooting for more of an arcade racer. The game's pre-launch trailers certainly hinted at a lot more realism. Not even a minute into my first race, it was clear; GRID 2 is as close to a simulator as Surgeon Simulator 2013 is close to a real-life kidney transplant. Well, you get the point. It's not a bad thing though. I know where to turn if I need to get my simulation jollies off, and, just as much, I know where to turn when I need my completely unrealistic cops vs. racers experience. GRID 2 blends those lines, much like the Shift series did by offering a... Read Review

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