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Gretzky NHL 06 for PSP and PS2


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Gretzky NHL '06 incorporates the new NHL rules, presents the all-new Wayne vs. Wayne Mode, fully playable AHL teams with almost 600 exclusively licensed AHL players, enhancements to team AI, and other new gameplay features to create the perfect blend of authentic hockey and arcade-style gameplay. Offering true hockey fans what no other hockey videogame can, Gretzky NHL '06 suits up the "The Great One" in the all-new, arcade style Wayne vs. Wayne Mode, where gamers have the chance to skate six-on-five with "The Great One" himself. By playing smart hockey, gamers can earn "99 Time," where Gretzky will become a temporary teammate. If "99 Time" is earned enough times over the course of a game, gamers will have the ability to employ five playable versions of Gretzky on the ice at once. With opposing players having the same opportunity, it sets the stage for a possible five-on-five, all-Gretzky, ultimate head-to-head match-up. To enhance gameplay and provide gamers with the most authentic hockey simulation available, Gretzky NHL '06 has integrated new features such as a smarter AI, which truly reflects the professional game with tough defense, fluid offense, and 30 on-the-fly strategies. Additionally, with a new gameplay system called Team Chemistry, gamers will need to play good team hockey, as the revamped AI rewards gamers by increasing player attributes and elevating the level of play from teammates for sharing the puck and playing tough defense.