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Gremlins - Stripe Vs GizmoA


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You can choose to either save or destroy Christmas for the children of Kingstone Falls in Gremlins: Stripe Vs. Gizmo, on the Game Boy Advance. Loosely based on the '80's tongue-in-cheek horror movie, this platformer lets you choose whether you want to be naughty or nice. If you're feeling nice, you can choose Gizmo, the cute and cuddly Mogwai, but for a more sinister approach you can play as Stripe the Gremlin. Both characters will search high and low for the children's presents. Five large levels taken from the movie include the Gift Shop and the Bank. Using Gizmo's double jump you can reach distant platforms or roll into a ball to attack enemies. The more-destructive Stripe can swipe Mogwais with his sharp claws