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Wakfu is cute.Wakfu is ridiculously, unapologetically cute. Wakfu is so cute, it could probably overdose you were it possible to do so via a computer Read More

Cassandra Khaw Apr 3, 2011 | Comments
Wario Land 4 - Design Discourses

Wario Land 4 - Design Discourses

Games with good design are those where all components of the game are grounded to a core philosophy or set of philosophies. The world of Mario is tied to jumping, the world of Metroid is tied to exploration, and in the case of the Wario Land series, Wario Land is tied to Wario's wacky persona. Underpinning the philosophy of form meets function, Wario's outwardly fat, greedy and cartoonishly sinister appearance are a reflection of his abilities and the interactions made possible within the game world. Let's use Wario Land 4 as an example to briefly observe the way Wario's character reflected by his interaction and abilities.  Weight Wario's array of moves are all tied to utilizing his best asset, his visibly bulging weight and super strength. Just like the stylized visual appearance of the character, Wario's strength and weight are exaggerated through his interaction. No ordinary obese man could crush through rock, create minor earthquakes, flatten small minibeasts or turn into a menacing snowball by building momentum off diagonal slopes; however, Wario can. Read More

kombo Oct 2, 2010 | Comments