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Grandia III for PS2


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GRANDIA III delivers a new RPG experience through the "ultimate action battle system", an advanced combination of strategy options, combo attacks, and special effects. In the series which made its North American debut six years ago, this latest entry by Game Arts engages players in a dynamic story and rich world, arming them with a devastating array of weapons, destructive aerial combos, and an innovative command wheel. Take to the skies and experience a highly detailed and cinematic world through the eyes of an ambitious young pilot, whose allies join forces to create an entirely new dimension in offensive and strategic collaboration. STORY Sky Captain Schmidt was a legendary flyer who flew faster and further than anyone in the world. Although he has faded from the memories of most, he is still an inspiration to a generation of aspiring young pilots. On a small island in the middle of the sea is Anfog, a quiet and peaceful village. Tucked away in a corner of this village is a simple garage, from which the sounds of hammering can be heard. Inspired by tales of Sky Captain Schmidt, a young man named Yuki is building his own airplane.