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Cheats for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Rampage Without Getting Wanted

  • All platforms
  • Hint

Start a new game. Instead of taking Vincenzo to the Safe House, leave him in the car and don\'t get in. Now you can roam free and do whatever you want without getting any stars at all!

Bulletproof Stretch

  • All platforms
  • Hint

You must be on Staunton Island and on the mission "Search and Rescue" which is given to you by Sal over the pay phone. Go pick up the limo from Sal's garage, then drive the limo to YOUR garage. Do NOT go to the yellow marker. Go straight from the Sal's garage to yours. After the limo is in your garage, fail the mission (die or blow up the limo while it is in your garage) and then the Bulletproof Stretch is yours. This works with other mission vehicles as well.

Smiley Face

  • All platforms
  • Unlock

On Statunton Island there is a parking lot on the top southwest corner. Look for a white staircase inbetween the parking garage and the parking lot entraces on the southside. Go up the staircase and jump on the short cement railing. Then turn east and jump up on the roof over looking the parking lot (Liberty City Tree Building) and run across the roof to the other side where you will see a courtyard. Jump down into the courtyard and run to the very end of the courtyard to the northwest. Then on a wall at the end of a courtyard has a white picture of a smiley face and says 'Hello Again'. This is the same spot where in Grand Theft Auto III, where a sign says "You arn't supposed to be here."

Bullet Proof PCJ-600

  • All platforms
  • Hint

In the mission "Biker Heat", when you chase down Wayne, kill him WHILE HE'S ON THE BIKE (he cannot fall off the bike or it will not be bullet-proof anymore), steal it, and then save it for a bullet-proof PCJ.

Moon Increases in Size

  • All platforms
  • Unlock

When it's night-time, take out your Sniper Rifle and look for the Moon in the sky. Zoom in and shoot the Moon. The Moon will increase in size the more you shoot it and then go back to it's original small state when you shot it enough times.

Hidden Package Rewards

  • All platforms
  • Unlock
Generate a armour at all safe houses 030 Packages
Generate a flamethrower at all safe houses 080 Packages
Generate a M4 at all safe houses 060 Packages
Generate a MP5 at all safe houses 040 Packages
Generate a python at all safe houses 050 Packages
Generate a rocketlauncher at all safe houses 090 Packages
Generate a shotgun at all safe houses 020 Packages
Generate a sniper rifle at all safe houses 070 Packages
Gives you $50,000 100 Packages
Pistol at Safehouse 010 Packages

Mission Unlockables

  • All platforms
  • Unlock
Antonio Outfit Complete the mission "Making Toni".
'King' Jumpsuit Costume Finsh all story mode missions
150 Max Armor Points Complete Level 12 In Vigilante Missions
Avenging Angel's Outfit Complete the Frighteners mission
Bickle '76 Drop off 100 Passengers in the Taxi
Bullet Proof PCJ 600 Take Waynes Bike in Biker Heat Mission.
Chauffer's Outfit Complete the Rollercoaster Ride mission
Cox Mascot Outfit Beat SlashTV 2 times
Dragon Jump Suit complete the mission "Crazy '69'
Extra 25 Max Health Points Complete Level 10 in Noodle Delivery Missions at Noodle Punk in Portland
Extra 25 Max Health Points Complete Level 10 in Pizza Deliveriy Missions at Joe's Pizza in Staunton Island
Fireproof Toni Complete Level 12 In Firefighter Missions
Generate $4000 at Capital Autos Beat Level 6 of Car Salesman
Generate 4x the cash for cars in the Scrapyard Complete the Scrapyard motorcycle challenge
Generate a boat Speeder at Portland Ferry Docks Beat the game 100%
Generate cash from "Hogs & Cogs" Sell 40 motorcycles in Belleville Park, Staunton Island
Get 10000$ Complete all 26 unique jumps
Getting Busted Won't Cost Money Completing Avenging Angels missions in Staunton Island
Goodfella Outfit Complete the mission "Overdose of Trouble".
Hellenbach GT Beat level four of the car salesman sidequest
Hero Costume Beat Level 15 of the Avenging Angels missions in Shoreside Vale
Infinite Ammo Beat the game 100%
Infinite Sprint Beat Ambulance Missions Level 12
Leone's Outfit Drive to your house at the start of the game and walk into the clothes icon
M60 machine gun Beat all rampages.
Micro SMG able to be purchased at Ammu-Nation Complete the Don in 60 seconds mission
Multiplayer Skins Complete the "Driving Mr Leone" mission.
Overalls Outfit Complete the The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade mission
PCJ Complete Love Media
Rhino Tank in Ft. Staunton Complete the game 100%
Super Angel Bike (Bulletproof) generated at Portland safe-house Completing Avenging Angels missions in Portland
Super Land Stalker (Bulletproof) generated at Shoreside Vale safe-house Completing Tourism missions
Sweats Outfit Complete the mission "A Walk In The Park".
Tuxedo Outfit Complete the mission "A Date with Death".
Underwear costume Complete 1 Unique Jump
Upgraded Sanchez Complete all ten courses in the "Bump & Grinds" at the dirt bike course in Portland
V8 Ghost Complete Love Media
Vehicles Take Double Damage Complete the game 100%
Wise Guy clothes complete mission "shoot the messenger"

Near Infinite Sprint Trick

  • All platforms
  • Glitch

Just tap default X button to sprint instead of holding it down. You cycle the sprint so it's like you never start. This can be done at any time; whether during a mission or exploration.

Repair a Burning Car

  • All platforms
  • Glitch

If your car catches on fire, you can revert it to the state it was before it caught on fire by walking into one of the Information icons in front of a hospital of police station. After the information is displayed, your car is (almost) like new.

Keep More Than One Vehicle in Your Garage

  • All platforms
  • Glitch

Normaly you can only keep one vehicle in your garage due to the fact that if one vehicle is being stored the door will not open for the one your in, so get out of your car (a bike works easier) and push it next to the garage doors, when you get close enough it will open and let you push your vehicle into the garage. This is very handy when you want both a car and a bike at your fingertips.