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GTA IV Mods Pack

This package is a collection of six modifications for Grand Theft Auto IV.  

GTA IV Mods Pack

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Mod: GTA IV Mods Pack
19 MB

File Info for GTA IV Mods Pack

GTA IV Mods Pack
Mike Splechta Mike Splechta
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19 MB
January 18, 2011

Description of GTA IV Mods Pack

This package is a collection of six modifications for Grand Theft Auto IV. Included Mods: Weapon Realism Mod v1.0 The aim of this modification is to tweak some of the weapons characteristics so they behave in a more realistic manner ingame while maintaing game balance. Important changes include extended effective range for most weapons and tweaked accuracy damage. Hulk in Liberty City Hulk in Liberty City is a good mod for Grand Theft Auto IV. This package contains The Incredible Hulk Skin. GTA IV simple native trainer 4.0 Native trainer 4.0 and other files to get trainer work on GTA IV Spiderman Mod v2 This mod for Grand Theft Auto IV adds Spiderman Suit Super AWESOME punches. With it you can punch a guy and he will be flying to space. GTA IV Overhaul - Fuel Consumption Beta This is a beta release of the Fuel Consumption, Vehicle Tracker, and Position Tracker sub-mods. This mod includes fully working fueling, saving of all player vehicle locations, and the ability to save locations with a name and description and teleport there later. GTA IV Knight Rider Demo GTA IV Knight Rider Mod is based loosely on the original Knight Rider series that aired from 1982 - 1986, the mod will have most of the original series vehicles and characters all in one mod.
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