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Cheats for Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edition

PC to Android cheat codes

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PC to Android cheat codes:

100% Armor Tortoise
100% Health gesundheit
Better vehicle handling cornerslikemad
Change Outfit ilikedressingup
Clear Weather skincancerforme
Clock Moves Faster timeflieswhenyou
Cloudy Weather ilikescotland
Crank Up Gore nastylimbscheat
Destroy all cars bangbangbang
Flying vehicle chittycittybb
Foggy Weather peasoup
Get All Weapons (Keep using to add ammo) gunsgunsguns
Higher Wanted Level morepoliceplease
Insane Pedstrians itsallgoingmaaad
Invisible Cars anicesetofwheels
Lower Wanted Level nopoliceplease
More Money (Keep using for more cash) ifiwerearichman
Pedestrians Attack nobodylikesme
Pedtrians Fight One Another weaponsforall
Rainy Weather ilovescotland
Spawn Vehicles (Keep using for different vehicles) giveusatank
Speed up Gameplay boooooring
Super-speedy Game Clock madweather