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The good folks at Rockstar have made Grand Theft Auto fans proud when they released the amazing Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories on the PSP and actually made it work. Even Nintendo DS owners got a taste of GTA goodness with an excellent title that including fun touch screen mini-games. Now, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars comes to the PSP and... Read Review

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Nintendo Lobbied THQ to Get Saints Row on the 3DS

Nintendo had a great E3 press conference. The company was on a role name game after game to get people excited about their lineup. Then the 3DS was officially revealed and people were wowed, especially when the third party support was being announced. However, one spot that didn't wow people -- in fact it made the crowd in attendance laugh -- was the tidbit that THQ's Saints Row would be making an appearance on Nintendo's new 3D handheld. It isn't surprising that the crowd reacted with laughter at the news that a mature-rated, GTA-like game would be a marquee title for a Nintendo console. After all, the DS doesn't really have a mature image. The one M-rated game that critics have taken notice of on the DS, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars had very lackluster sales. Saints Row is an extreme version of GTA and it just didn't seem to fit into the image of Nintendo when the company announced it along side some of the other games. Nintendo is aware of that perception, and is looking to change it for the 3DS. Read More


Sony attempt to turn "PSPno!" back into PSPgo with TEN free games

Bought a PSPgo recently? Feel like it might have been a massive and hideous mistake? Sony have a sweet little incentive coming up that might convince gamers to give the ailing system another chance. How does ten free games sound? And all new PSPgo owners have to do to claim this is register their system online. This is extremely generous of Sony... or extremely desperate. Will this deal save the PSPgo or is she finally lost with all hands? Hit the jump for more, me hearties. Read More


Rockstar Bringing New Social Club Features to Red Dead Redemption

Since Rockstar Games began their "Social Club" media network, it has been used for little more than a way to check out song lists in Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as the uploading of high scores in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. There hasn't been much in the way of evolving content on the social network, but that has changed with the announcement of features that will be added to the club with the release of Red Dead Redemption this month. First off, the network's members will be privy to a series of challenges, all based off of in-game events and allowing players to win real-world prizes. Also, a community-driven, constantly evolving newspaper called "The Blackwater Ledger" will be accessible in game, keeping players abreast of ongoing player achievements. Also, expect a series of multiplayer events to be made available, the first of which will kick off on May 21 with as players battle against members of Rockstar's developmental teams. Apart from that, you can also expect the standard achievements, leaderboards, stats, and other features that come from a social network like this. For those that have been holding off from joining the Social Club, hit the cut to find out why you should...and why you can expect this to start becoming the standard in gaming. Read More


Uncharted 2 Dominates GDC Awards

Last night the stars came out for the 10th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards and Nathan Drake continued his awards season dominance. After winning nearly everyting at the DICE Awards, Uncharted 2 cleaned house at the GDC Awards, taking home five trophies. Hit the jump to see the full list of nominees and winners. Read More


Red Dead Redemption Pre-Order Bonuses and New York Art Ads

Redemption is coming... Red Dead Redemption, that is, and you can find it just about anywhere that deals in gaming goods. And as it happens, a good number of these retailers are offering up bonuses when you lay down a pre-order for the upcoming chronicle of John Marston. GameStop has an exclusive in-game outfit, Amazon has a golden guns pack with $10 gift card, and Best Buy brings a war horse (seen at right). If you want something more tangible, Game Crazy has an exclusive mini-guide, Target offers a $5 gift card, and Walmart tops that with a $10 gift card. Or, you can just go through the Rockstar Warehouse and get an official Red Dead t-shirt. You can find further details and pictures at Rockstar's website, which also covers four United Kingdom retailers: GAME, Amazon U.K., HMV, and Zavvi, who each have their own offering of the first four bonuses listed above, respectively. Read More


Rumor: A Boy and His Blob Sells Under 10,000

I think we all saw this one coming, sad as it is to say. Word at NeoGAF is that Wayforward's remake of A Boy and His Blob has sold less than 10,000 units. Similarly, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the PlayStation Portable has also sold under 10K, though apparently still more than ABAHB. Granted, I'm guilty of not having bought it as well, and possibly for the same reason as many others: there have just been a lot of good and big games coming out lately. Even so, I hope I might manage to get this one at Christmas, or sometime soon at least. Read More