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When Grand Slam Tennis debuted on the Nintendo Wii a while back, we saw potential for a possible new series from EA Sports, one that focused on the fundamentals of the sport, while remaining accessible enough for mainstream gamers to “get it”, without needing to study the history of the sport to gain an understanding of how it works.  This experiment must’ve paid off... Read Review

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E3 2009: Electronic Arts Media Briefing Liveblog

EA has just started its 2009 E3 Media Briefing, and we'll be liveblogging it as it progresses. They just showed off a trailer for Dante's Inferno and The Sims 3, so we'll start from there. All times are Pacific. ======================================= 2:11 PM: CEO John Riccitiello just introduced Chip Lange to talk about some upcoming Wii titles. 2:12 PM: Trailer for Littlest Pet Shop Online is being shown. Interesting that EA is choosing to start their conference with casual games marketed towards children. 2:14 PM: EA's Dyan Williams and four small girls come out on stage to show EA Girls, which includes such minigames as "Pajama Party." It's a Wii game, as you might imagine. Read More


Pachter Predicts: 10 Million MotionPlus Sales in 2009

While making Red Steel 2 a MotionPlus-only title is quite risky, Everyone's Favorite Analyst, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan, believes that the device itself will do quite well in the market. "I expect MotionPlus to be a sneaky success (like Wii Fit), and ultimately attach to at least one third of the [Wii's] installed base," he told Edge Online. "I think around 20 percent of Wii owners in the US and Europe will have bought Wii Sports Resort, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 or EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis," he says of those games planned to come bundled with the small motion-enhancer, "so that's around eight million." "I think another two million will buy MotionPlus with new consoles," Pachter added. Read More


Rumor: Wii MotionPlus with Grand Slam Tennis for Europe?

The rumor mill has started again. NeoGAF user CubeRevolution announced that EA plans on releasing a bundle including Wii MotionPlus with EA Grand Slam Tennis. There's a listing on for "EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis + Wii Motion Plus" that would seem to validate the rumor. The price is listed as 53.99 Euros, which is only 10 Euros more than the release of EA Grand Slam Tennis alone. If this is true, it means that Nintendo is allowing EA to bundle the first-party accessory with at least one of their games. Look for the release this July, if it turns out to be true! Read More