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GT Concept includes over 120 state of the art vehicles, many of which were unveiled at this year's Tokyo and Geneva motor shows. Vehicle categories include New Cars, Dream Cars, Concept Cars and Race Cars. GT Concept features five tracks; one new circuit, Tokyo R246 and four re-worked tracks from previous games in the series, including the Tahiti Maze rally circuit from GT3 and old favourite Autumn Ring from GT and GT2. Each is raced forwards as well as backwards, effectively giving you ten tracks in total. There are three main game modes: Course License (a race against the clock with an optional pace car), Free Run (a leisurely spin round the track with no restrictions or time limits) and Single Race (take on a friend or race solo on the track of your choosing). [SCEE]

Gran Turismo Concept Cheats

Successfully complete 50 percent of the races to unlock a saved game file with 1,000,000,000 credits for Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec.

All licenses

Unlock Playstation 2
Successfully complete the Toyota Pod Event to gain all category licenses.

Ace mode

Unlock Playstation 2
At the difficulty selection screen, hold L1 + R2 until "Ace" mode appears.

Japanese starting sequence

Unlock Playstation 2
Get gold ratings on all the tracks in intermediate mode or single race mode to switch to the .

Bonus FMV sequences

Unlock Playstation 2
Successfully complete 100 percent of the races to unlock two bonus FMV sequences.