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Dirt 3

It's sometimes easy to dilute a racing game to its basic core. Gran Turismo and Forza can be reduced to a "gas, break, and turn" concept, for example Read More


Kombo\'s Weekly Round-Up

  It's the weekend again, everybody. Time to sleep in, play games, and catch up on all the news of the week. It was a big, feature and news-filled week here at Kombo, so don't miss out on Weekly Round Up.   Reach was leaked, and Microsoft quickly threatened to bring down the ban-hammer on anyone caught using a pirated copy, Sony said they won't charge extra for 3D games, Valve wants Steamworks on the 360, and apparently, New Vegas won't look any different from Fallout - whaaaaat?? Yep, hard as it is to believe, Fallout: New Vegas will look essentially the same as Fallout 3.   For links to all of the week's biggest news stories (and our AWESOME features), hit the break. You won't regret it. In fact, you'll probably want to give us a hug. It's okay. You can.   Read More


Gran Turismo Series Reaches 55 Million Sold

Sony and Polyphony Digital have updated the lifetime sales of the Gran Turismo series, revealing combined and individual sales of the games both worldwide and by region. As of December 2009, the Gran Turismo series has sold around 55.4 million copies, putting it firmly within the top 20 console game franchises of all time. The only two games in the franchises probably still affecting sales for Sony are Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and Gran Turismo for the PSP. The latter is a low point for the franchise but the former is a high point for the Playstation 3. Gamers who might doubt Gran Turismo 5's importance to the PS3 need only look to Prologue's numbers. Read More


Sony Exhibits 3-D LittleBigPlanet

Could the future of 2-D platform games be... 3-D? That may very well be the case for at least one, Sony and Media Molecule's LittleBigPlanet. A video demonstration of such a concept was on display yesterday at Evolution Studios, the home of MotorStorm, which had its own 3-D demo of Pacific Rift alongside Super Stardust HD. Read More


Media: Gran Turismo PSP Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed; Cheaper on PSN?

The U.S. PlayStation.Blog has revealed that those who pre-order Gran Turismo for the PlayStation Portable will receive a voucher for one of five of the game's top-cars to your starting lineup, and in exclusive colors at that. "This means that on day one, you'll be able to smoke your friends in 4-player Ad Hoc Mode multiplayer races with one of these rare sports cars while they are just getting started saving up credits," the site boasts. See what you can get and how it looks after the cut. Read More


E3 2009: Microsoft Media Briefing Liveblog

Today, Microsoft is holding its E3 2009 Media Briefing in Los Angeles, and we're liveblogging the whole thing. The conference and liveblog start at 10:30 AM PST today, so check below for the live coverage. We'll have all the news and photos straight from the conference. 10:00 AM: Updates coming soon! 10:18 AM: We're about to get started. READY? 10:20 AM: Five minute warning... Read More


Is Gran Turismo Being "Snubbed" by the Guiness Book of World Records?

Is Sony's Gran Turismo being snubbed by the Guiness Book of World Records? Fans at GT Planet certainly seem to think so, as the publication's annual "Gamer's Edition" seems to be moving away from the measured facts and figures of word records and into more objectionable material-- the kind which you are just as likely to find on nearly any video game blog, website, or magazine out there. In this specific instance, the book is now gauging what it believes are "The Top 50 Console Games of All Time." Gran Turismo makes the list at #19, behind some rather considerable heavyweights, including Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the Mario Kart series (as a whole), Grand Theft Auto, Street Fighter II, and more. Read More


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Gets Three New Cars and Gameplay Enhancements

Sony has rolled out a new update for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, including three new cars and gameplay enhancements, but with a catch:New Vehicles All three vehicles and manufacturers have special ties to Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital. They will be added to their respective Dealership areas in GT5 Prologue. GT by Citreon - The "GT by Citroen" concept car is the result of a groundbreaking collaboration between French automaker Citroen and Polyphony Digital. The formal debut of the vehicle took place yesterday at the Paris Motor Show, coinciding with the release of today's update to the game. A video of the "GT by Citroen" can be viewed in HD within Gran Turismo TV. The two other new cars are the Ferrari California and the Lotus Evora. They are a lot of fun to drive... The GT by Citroen is available for 1 Million credits; the Ferrari California will go for 300,000 credits the Lotus Evora for 100,000. Piece of cake, right?!?See more after the cut. Read More