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Space Invaders Infinity Gene – Construction of the Shoot \'em Up

Since popularising the shoot 'em up in 1978, the Space Invaders series practically went dormant for thirty years. Sure, Taito rolled out sequels and anniversary editions, but rarely did these games evolve the series in any meaningfully sufficient way. Such thinly-veiled cash-ins on the Space Invaders namesake could barely meet the legacy they were supposedly representing. The series' presence in modern gaming was an embarrassment, to be sure. In recent years though, with the release of Space Invaders Extreme and its sequel, Taito have done good on one of gaming's longest surviving brands by doing what they failed to get right before: tampering with the source. In this light, Space Invaders Infinity Gene isn't so much an expansion of an already great game like Extreme, but instead a tribute; an interactive construction of Space Invader's legacy: the modern shoot 'em up. And it all begins from stage one, the original Space Invaders, before moving into progressively more contemporary territory. Read More


LittleBigPlanet Goes Run 'n Gun with LittleBigContra

It's been awhile since we've talked about any custom LittleBigPlanet stages, but I wanted to get word about this one about before it gets inevitably yanked from Sony's servers. An inventive group of NeoGAF posters took up the task of recreating Konami's NES and arcade classic Contra in its entirety with LittleBigPlanet stages, and the job they've done is phenomenal. While I'd like to get a PlayStation 3 and the game someday, this is one group of stages that make me wish I had it here right now. See for yourself: Keep reading for more info, and to get the codes for each stage. Read More


Media: LittleBigPlanet's LittleBigShmup

I've said before that one thing we can expect from LittleBigPlanet is dozens of people (if we're lucky, only dozens) recreating their favorite stages from their favorite games, thus all but destroying the creative essence of the title. However, there is one that does just that, and remains impressive. The fodder for such stages is usually derived from the likes of Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Castlevania, and the like. But who would have ever thought to remake... Gradius? Apparently that's what RRR30000, member of the Japanese PSN, did above. If you're able to download it (I'm not sure what all the regional restrictions of LBP may be), then the stage is known as There's even a boss fight at the end! Read More


Xyanide - XB - Preview 2

When thinking of genres that seemed to skip over the Xbox, one immediately comes to mind; RPGs, but most people probably don't even think about shoot Read More