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Otomedius Excellent E3 Interview Feature

Vito takes a look at Konami's latest shooter Otomedius Excellent, that features scantily clad girls shooting the crap out of everything on screen. We also get a glimpse of Vito's love of Gradius and how this game takes that Gradius formula fans have grown to love and updates it. Read More


Space Invaders Infinity Gene – Construction of the Shoot \'em Up

Since popularising the shoot 'em up in 1978, the Space Invaders series practically went dormant for thirty years. Sure, Taito rolled out sequels and anniversary editions, but rarely did these games evolve the series in any meaningfully sufficient way. Such thinly-veiled cash-ins on the Space Invaders namesake could barely meet the legacy they were supposedly representing. The series' presence in modern gaming was an embarrassment, to be sure. In recent years though, with the release of Space Invaders Extreme and its sequel, Taito have done good on one of gaming's longest surviving brands by doing what they failed to get right before: tampering with the source. In this light, Space Invaders Infinity Gene isn't so much an expansion of an already great game like Extreme, but instead a tribute; an interactive construction of Space Invader's legacy: the modern shoot 'em up. And it all begins from stage one, the original Space Invaders, before moving into progressively more contemporary territory. Read More


PSP Getting Neo Geo Games?

The latest PSP firmware update indicates that the system might eventually play classic games from more than one platform, not unlike the Wii Virtual Console. The 6.30 firmware version lets users group games stored on a memory stick by platform. The PS3 has been able to do this for some time between PS3 and original PlayStation games. Despite the PSP already incorporating PS1 playback, users couldn't group games like that on the platform. Now they can – along with TurboGrafX and Neo Geo games. Read More


Phalanx Coming to WiiWare

That Super NES space shooter with the picture of that old guy with the banjo on its box is coming back on the Wii, but not on Virtual Console. This is starting to represent a trend of old franchises towards WiiWare instead of Virtual Console. ZOOM Inc, the developers of the original pre-SNES release of Phalanx have announced that they are going to remake the game on WiiWare with tweaks to the design. The game will be based not off of the Super NES version most people remember but the original Sharp X68000 home computer version. The new game will release in Japan on WiiWare this winter for 500 points – probably less than a Super NES port would have cost on Virtual Console. No word on releases outside of Japan. Since the Sharp X68000 version of Phalanx, in addition to the Super NES version there was also a Game Boy Advance port made in 2001. Phalanx will join classic action franchises like Contra, Gradius, Excitebike, and eventually Castlevania in releasing new versions on Nintendo's downloadable games store. Read More


Rumor: Jackal ReBirth?

Konami has been on something of a WiiWare roll as of late with their ReBirth series, offering up new, bite-sized chunks of their glorious gaming past with graphics and sound clearly meant to evoke the earlier heyday of franchises such as Gradius, Contra, and most recently, Castlevania. And naturally, one would expect they will only be looking to add more to the mix. Read More


New Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth Details Emerge from the Darkness

Some new details surrounding the ReBirth of Castlevania: The Adventure have surfaced, thanks to Tiny Cartridge. Development tasks for this title went to M2, who also handled the previous ReBirth titles for Gradius and Contra. They are being led by longtime Castlevania Producer Koji "IGA" Igarashi, while musical chores are being handled by Dawn of Sorrow's Nobuhiko Matsufuji, Manabu Namiki of Basiscape, and M2's own Keisuke Koga and Jason "Chip-Tech" Nisperos. As we've seen in the gameplay videos, jumping on and off stairs is out, though you do retain some control while in the air. For the purists, beating the game opens a "Classic" style in which Christopher Belmont moves like every other easily-thrown tank in his family. To obtain such an option will require conquering six stages, two more than the original title. And you can choose how mercilessly you want to be beaten from three levels of difficulty. That's all for now, but you know we'll be keeping our eyes on this one. Read More