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Rusty Hearts  - 869183

Rusty Hearts Review

Perfect World's new free-to-play brawler is finally here. Vito Gesualdi finds out whether this multiplayer RPG beat-em-up is worth your money. Wait, it's free? Read More


Nintendo Download - 12/28/09 - Prepare for '10 with 10 New Downloadable Games from Nintendo

...oh. Oh my. This... this is all so rather unexpected. Well, not all of it. We knew Pilotwings was promised for 2009, so it had to be today. And truthfully, it could probably have carried the day alone. But no, we get more. It's almost like Christmas 1991 all over again (despite not getting my Super NES until 1992) as we not only have Pilotwings on the Virtual Console, but the 16-bit love-letter that is Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth as well for the expected 1,000 points. On top of that, DSiWare gets The Oregon Trail, which some of you no doubt remember playing on your school's Apple II back in elementary school and watching everyone die of dysentery (as an aside, I still want a WiiWare version that uses Miis). On top of Pilotwings, Castlevania, and The Dysentery Trail, there's also the WiiWare title RABBIDS Lab, which lets you customize and tease your very own Ubi-bunny inside your Wii Remote for 500 Wii Points. And if all of that isn't enough for you, there's still more. Check it out in the press release after the cut. Read More


Gothic 3 - PC - Review

Where to begin ... Well for starters, this is what single player RPGs should be about (and I will get into detail about this below). Yes, I know that Read More


New Video for Gothic 3

New Video for Gothic 3 With 3 days to go before the release of the most anticipated PC title this year Gothic 3, JoWooD Productions, Deep Silver and Read More