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Golden Axe delivers action-RPG thrills as a small band of Riders embark on an epic adventure to recruit allies, expose the enemy and prevent the annihilation of their breed. Delivering an intense and unique combat experience, players charge into battle on the backs of ferocious beasts or take their chances with the enemy while on foot. Fighting skill, wits and even magic are all called into action as players immerse themselves in the struggle to defeat an evil intent on enslaving the remains of civilization.

Golden Axe Cheats

Select arcade mode. Hold Down/Left + A + C. Release the buttons and press Start.
Press Start on controller two in arcade, beginner , or duel mode.

Level select

Select arcade mode. Hold Down/Left + B and press Start at the character selection screen. A number that corresponds to the starting level will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Use the D-pad to change this value.

Extra Lives

Begin game play in one player mode with two Joysticks. After losing a life, press Fire on Joystick two to get three additional lives.
Enter this code at the player select screen just press a number 1 through 8 access to that level

Extra Credit

When the screen says game over, press Up + Left + 1 at the same time.
After you've used your last continue, press Up + 2 while holding during the game over screen. This trick only works once per game.