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Golden Axe: Beast Rider - Feature

Golden Axe: Beast Rider

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play Editor Calls Golden Axe Reviews 'Irresponsible Rubbish'

Play magazine editor Dave Halverson is taking reviewers to task. Or perhaps that should be "reviewers." See, many of them haven't been very favorable in their opinions of one Golden Axe: Beast Rider by SEGA. The Game Rankings average is 44%, largely below the 9/10 which Play saw fit to bestow upon the title, with Halverson stating that those who ranked it so poorly "(can't call them critics) either didn't complete a fraction of the game, don't understand game design, or just plain suck at games."It's a travesty to Sega fans and gaming that such rubbish is counted on critic sites that for the most part echo the opposite opinions of real gamers. This is why market trends are a disaster. The video game "press" that once was is greatly diminished in this country and game publishers criteria for sending out preview and review code is in need of a complete overhaul. Any review conducted at a "review event" should be noted and they are becoming more and more prevalent (we don't and will not base reviews on a game we played at a kiosk in a room full of media and PR. Real gamers that buy games sit down and master them and that is the only way to properly review a game. The game industry going down the wrong path is greatly influenced by exactly this type of "review" which is happening more and more frequently. Igor is a 3; maybe even a 1 or a 2. But to score Beast Rider below a 7 is just irresponsible. -- play onlineAnd... he just sort of keeps going on a bit like this. I haven't played the game myself; I know the guys at Penny Arcade don't think too highly of it, though. And considering this is all coming from the guy who gave Sonic the Hedgehog for the 360 a 9.5, well... let's just say that I find his judgement in question. Of course, the following month, he dropped it to 8.5, as load times and glitches he was said to have been told would be removed, weren't. And then he gave it a 5.5 when it hit the PS3 a month later, because the issues weren't fixed. I find this method of scoring... questionable. Oh, and Dave? A prologue goes at the beginning, not the end. Read More


Media: Golden Axe: Beast Rider Final Battle Trailer

Lots of people have hated on this game but if you can judge a game from a trailer (which you can't), this doesn't look all that bad. I haven't been following Golden Axe: Beast Rider at all but the combat looks decent enough for me to give it a try. I still would have rather had a game featuring everyone's favorite dwarf, Gilius instead of the female character that no one used. Maybe for the next Golden Axe game? Sega? Anyone? Oh well, watch the trailer. Read More


Media: Golden Axe: Beast Rider 'Vengeance' Trailer

Ah, it's always good to see a classic franchise come back... and a good thing, too: SEGA is really starting to run Sonic into the ground. Hah, "run." Anyway, it's also slightly alarming because, as noted, this is SEGA. Nonetheless, this does look pretty good, all things considered. But where the hell is Ax Battler? Or Gilius Thunderhead? I thought he was supposed to be the star or something? I wonder if this is even in whatever continuity the past games had. For that matter, I wonder if Death Adder is in this. That was such a cool name, it was like he just keeps adding deaths. Or something. Far cooler than his obscure cousin, Death by Long Division. Now, we just need a return of Altered Beast. Now that I'm old enough to appreciate just how absurd it was, I'd love to see where they go with it. Read More


Disaster's Delay of Crisis at an End?

One of the first games announced for the Wii alongside the unofficially canceled Project H.A.M.M.E.R., Disaster: Day of Crisis has taken a longer, quieter road. Now, after seeing its Japanese release for July postponed, it looks like its journey may finally be at an end, and perhaps a more positive one at that. Adam Sorice tips us off that the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC), those lovely Aussie blokes who reveal all the stuff no game company wants them to (like Mega Man 9), rated the game Wednesday as Mature, for "violence, themes, and infrequent coarse language."Keep in mind that OFLC rating applies only to Australia and that we have no idea when it will be released — or if the rating is an indication it will be released any time soon. Perhaps we'll see it at Games Convention next week? Nah, doubt it. -- Michael McWhertor, KotakuBut when, if ever, might we expect a North American release? See one bit of speculation after the cut. Read More


E3 2008: Golden Axe's Lack of Co-op Explained by SEGA

Anyone who remembers the original heyday of Golden Axe during the rise of the "16-bit Revolution" (no relation to Nintendo's Wii codename) likely remembers one key aspect to the title: The ability to team up with a friend to bork-up some orcs. At least, I think there were orcs... In any case, it turns out that in the new Golden Axe: Beast Rider, the lovely Tyris Flare is going solo, and Sean Ratcliffe, SEGA's VP of Marketing, is here to tell us why: "Rightly or wrongly, we don't have co-op multiplayer in the game," he offered, a statement that was met with a short, yet uncomfortable pause. "I think as much as anything it's taking inspiration from the original series but in terms of that multiplayer co-op the developer decided that they didn't want to take the game in that direction." "If Golden Axe: Beast Rider is successful," he added, "we can then come back with something else that maybe will have the co-op mode that everyone is wishing this game has." Or, as Joystiq says, they could just give people what they want in the first place, which would be a novel idea. On the other hand, maybe they should be sure they can get one player right before trying for two; why sacrifice two lambs when one will do just as well? Read More


This Week's PS Store Update Brings NCAA Demo, Fatal Inertia EX, Trailers

I guess the biggest notable on this week's PlayStation Store update is Fatal Inertia EX, the download-only racing title previously found on the Xbox 360 last year. Hopefully Koei has taken advantage of the extra development time, because the 360 demo proved to be a slap-awful experience. Three new demos including NCAA 09 and some new Hero/Band content plus some new trailers round out this week's update. Oh yeah, and there's that Metal Gear Database thing, too: Demos: NCAA Football 09 Demo Hail To The Chimp Demo Wolf Of The Battlefield Commando 3 Demo Applications: Metal Gear Database Games: Fatal Inertia EX Games Trailers: Golden Axe Beast Rider Teaser Pain Character Intro Trailer Fatal Inertia EX Trailer Linger In Shadows Trailer Prince of Persia Debut Trailer Add Ons: Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds Oceania Course The Incredible Hulk Downloadable Content GH3 Legends of Rock Coldplay Track Pack Rock Band Track Pack Read More