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  • Available on PC
  • For fans of Action
  • Release Date(s): Jul 24, 2014
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Point and click adventure with morality. 

Gods Will Be Watching Review

Life isn’t fair. You could die in a car accident tomorrow. You might have your career goals sidetracked by a sick relative. You might lose your mind before you ever reach that retirement in the sun. If Call of Duty were like real life, every mission would come with a 15% chance of randomly breaking an ankle on a rock and being discharged. If Dark Souls were like real life, giant bosses wouldn’t give you convenient openings to attack -- they’d just stomp you until you died. No matter how hard games get, they’re never as hard as real life. That’s my takeaway from Gods Will Be Watching, a game so unfair you may never see the end of it. Gods Will Be Watching takes the mechanics of a game like The Walking Dead, where you must make decisions for an entire... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Gods Will Be Watching.