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God of War III Review

Ok, so Kratos is pissed off and ready to maim, murder, and viciously slice ‘n dice, hack ‘n rend anything that gets in his way, but come on – does it have to be this visceral? Apparently the SCEA dev team thought so, and the tone is set immediately in God of War III, the culmination of the trilogy of games based off a son of Zeus that is challenged by the Olympian gods, then used and abused, but left alive and rather rabid for revenge. GoW III is cringe-worthy, and if players are not grimacing at times during this game, maybe they should seek counseling. GoW III chronicles the Ghost of Sparta as he begins his ascent of Mount Olympus with one goal in mind – to kill Zeus, his father. The first boss battle sets the tone for the rest of the game... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for God of War III.