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The God of War Collection features high-definition versions of both God of War and God of War II on a single Blu-ray Disc

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It’s been four years since Kratos unleashed his vengeance on gamers and set a new standard for combat based action titles. Since then, not a single game (current or last generation) has come close to matching the excellent system developed by Sony’s Santa Monica team. Playing as Kratos (The Ghost of Sparta!), players hack and slash through Greek mythology. It’s a genre that had been done to death, but God of War gave it new life and a breath of fresh air thanks to its fantastic combo-control system. Some games require too much in the way of button memorization; God of War’s controls just make sense. While there are certainly combos, the games' standard attacks flow seamlessly in a way that really doesn’t even require one to think too much about the... Read Review

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