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Solve your own murder from beyond the grave in this interactive puzzle mystery from the creators of the Ace Attorney series. Play as the ghost of a man named Sissel, a murder victim with no memory of why his life was taken. You'll need to alter the lives of over 30 characters, reshaping their destinies so you can solve the mystery behind yours. Use the Stylus to choose paths for Sissel. Manipulate objects to solve puzzles and change people's lives. The game contains 15 stages, 25 areas, and one important catch: Sissel will leave the supernatural world at dawn, so you'll have to work quickly.

Ghost Trick (iOS) Review

When it debuted on the Nintendo DS last year, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective didn’t get as big an audience as Capcom was hoping, though the devotees who did pick up on it were more than pleased with how it turned out.  Now the company is looking to introduce it to a whole new audience, with a better touch screen interface and a much more affordable price.  Despite a few flaws, it’s a shift for the better. In Ghost Trick, you portray Sissel, a smarmy detective who starts off the game in the lowest possible form possible – as a corpse.  He’s just been freshly murdered by a hitman, though he isn’t entirely ready to shift into the afterlife.  Instead, he’s capable of interacting with the real world by means of a secondary... Read Review

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