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Dungeon Defenders Boxart
Review Rating 9.5 Amazing

Dungeon Defenders

Release Date (PC): October 19, 2010 Release Date (PS3): October 18, 2011 Release Date (Mac): March 15, 2012 Release Date (iPhone): December 15, 2010 Release Date (Android): December 23, 2010 Release Date (Xbox 360): October 19, 2011 Platforms: PC, PS3, Mac, iPhone, Android, Xbox 360 Genres: Action, Strategy, RPG

Dungeon Defenders features a lovingly-rendered watercolor art style and allows up to 4 players to take one of four distinct classes into fierce battle

Bastion Boxart
Review Rating 9.0 Amazing


Release Date (Xbox 360): July 20, 2011 Release Date (PC): August 16, 2011 Release Date (Mac): April 26, 2012 Release Date (iPhone): August 29, 2012 Platforms: Xbox 360, PC, Mac, iPhone Genres: Puzzle, RPG, Action, Adventure

Bastion is the first title from Supergiant Games, an original action role-playing game set in a lush imaginative world, in which players must create and fight for civilization’s last refuge as a mysterious narrator marks their every move