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Weekly Wrap-Up 9/23/11

Another week, another round of reviews, previews, and editorial content right here on GameZone. Check out all of the latest features of the past week Read More

David Sanchez Sep 27, 2011 | Comments
GameStop's Black Friday Video Game Deals Revealed

GameStop's Black Friday Video Game Deals Revealed

The dreaded date of Black Friday on November 27th, 2009 draws ever closer. And while Kmart's gamer deals did little to excite, perhaps GameStop's offerings will do a little more for you. So if you decide to venture forth out into the November cold at 6am for the named-in-poor-taste "Doorbuster" deals that run until 11am, or just any of the other deals which run all week, here is what you can expect. Read More

kombo Nov 20, 2009 | Comments
Gears of War 2 Gets Day 1 DLC - Free Guns and Maps!

Gears of War 2 Gets Day 1 DLC - Free Guns and Maps!

Epic is going all out for the launch of Gears of War 2 and there is no way you'll want to miss out on what they're giving away on Day 1. Every package of Gears of War 2 will include a voucher that you'll be able to cash in for 5 multiplayer maps from the original Gears of War. Each and every map will receive a graphical upgrade bringing it in line with the newer maps. The 5 returning maps are: Canals, Gridlock, Mansion, Subway, and Train Station. Along with the maps, people who take part in midnight launch festivities are going to be treated to a very sexy gold-plated Hammerburst assault rifle. The golden Hammerburst joins the golden Lancer (available in the GoW2 Limited Edition) as a small token of appreciation from Epic to their die-hard fans. Neither will have increased stats over the regular rifles that everyone else will have. Damn you Goldeneye 007 for making everyone think that gold guns should be stronger! Gamers who buy a new copy of Gears of War 2 will find a special treat -- a redeemable voucher for a free "Flashback" downloadable map pack. Cashing in the voucher over Xbox Live will grant you a free download of five classic (and visually enhanced) multiplayer maps from the original Gears of War: Canals, Gridlock, Mansion, Subway, and Train Station. This brings the total multiplayer map count to 15. The Flashback Map Pack voucher is only included with new copies of Gears of War 2; used versions will obviously be missing the voucher. The download is planned to go live on November 7th, Gears of War 2's launch date. Furthermore, in addition to the gold-plated Lancer being offered with the Limited Edition Gears of War 2, Epic recently revealed to GamePro that a gold-plated Hammerburst assault rifle will also be available. In order to unlock the gold-plated Hammerburst, fans will need to participated in "Midnight Madness" launch events taking place around the country on the night of November 6th. Players will be able to earn both the golden Lancer and the golden Hammerburst by meeting both requirements. -- Gamepro Count me in for all of this! I had a long talk with one of my friends about Gears of War 2 this past weekend and we came to the conclusion that it could very well be the best game of the year. I still believe that Fallout 3 is going to take the title but who knows. You can't really beat what Gears of Wars 2 is offering. Gold guns! GOLD GUNS!!! Read More

kombo Oct 2, 2008 | Comments
GDC 08: Microsoft Keynote Summary

GDC 08: Microsoft Keynote Summary

Microsoft kicked off Game Developers Conference 2008 with its anticipated A Future Wide Open: Unleashing the Creative Community keynote this morning in San Francisco, California. Below, you'll find our transcript of the keynote. Note: During the first 15 minutes of the keynote, we had battery difficulties and were unable to transcribe things. We'll try to update this post when we have a spare moment with details on those first 15 minutes. As of 2007, gaming is bigger than the music industry on a global basis. 2007 game sales – and hours spent playing games online – was a blowout year. More Xbox 360s are on the way. Microsoft says demand was high for 360 because of excellent 2007 games, such as BioShock, Halo 3, Madden NFL 08, Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect and Guitar Hero III. Each of these games sold over one million units during the 2007 holiday season – making it a record holiday season for the console and the industry as a whole. 360 games are rated higher by critics than games on other platforms. The 7 highest rated games of this generation are on Xbox 360 (Orange Box, BioShock, etc.). Xbox 360 community has unlocked over one billion achievements. Achievement unlocked! Read More

kombo Feb 20, 2008 | Comments