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Our one stop hub for everything tech related, from the top of the line gaming headset, to a shiny new 3D monitor.

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Travel with your Sony Playstation 2 in style! The phone rings, you pick it up and it is one of your friends asking you the dreaded question: Can you bring over your Playstation 2 (or any other console that you have, that they don’t own)? I bet everyone has been in this situation at least one point in their life. Here are a few reasons why I hate taking any of my consoles over to a friend’s place: it is hard make sure I bring everything, I don’t have a suitable transportation device, and it is not convenient. Lasr Accessories decided to take it upon themselves to create a device that makes consoles easy to transport, while having a sleek look. The waiting is over: the GamePak has now been unleashed upon the gaming world, and it will never be the same! One... Read Review