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Gauntlet Review

Gauntlet has been refreshed a few times for newer generations; Once on the Nintendo 64 / PlayStation / Dreamcast and then a few games on the PlayStation 2. All of these have kept the formula quite similar to the original, giving players four classes to choose from and unleash them on levels filled to the brim with baddies. The latest Gauntlet refresh first came out on PC in 2014, and now made its way to the PS4 courtesy of the Slayer Edition, which introduces some new abilities and monsters, while still retaining the classic Gauntlet formula. If anything the latest refresh from Arrowhead Studios is quite easily the closest thing to the original, while still employing modern mechanics. Arrowhead's designs shine through especially in the Wizard who has combo spells similar... Read Review

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There are currently no cheats available for Gauntlet.