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From the team that created the award-winning Greed Corp, comes the new game Gatling Gears, set within the same Mistbound universe featuring signature elements like collapsing land, walker units and warring factions, but now with twin-stick shooter controls and a new hero, Max Brawley. In this eclectic steampunk setting, players fill the air with lead as they try to defeat a monopolistic corporation that is depleting the world of its natural resources.

Gatling Gears Review

If you have a craving for destruction or feel the need to blow everything up, Xbox Live's newest addition just might satisfy those urges. Gatling Gears from Vanguard Games is a top-down twin-stick shooter that allows players to let loose on invading armies of the Empire in a mech called the Walker.Before you set out to protect the six different lands from the Empire, you begin as a normal member of it. Meet Max, a Walker pilot who once served the Empire's army. The prologue (which also acts as a tutorial) reveals the Empire's true colors when you're ordered to destroy and demolish a civilian village. Max disobeys and leaves the Empire to live the rest of his life in peace. Naturally, the Empire gets pissed and comes after Max. Their ultimate goal? World domination.To say the action in... Read Review

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